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He lives in you

What if GOD was here at this very moment, standing right in front of you…?

In all of his Majestic glory,

In the splendor of his power,

And the awesomeness of his persona.


What if GOD was here…?

The maker of time and all things,

The custodian of the past, present and future.

The one who is I AM,

What would you like to say to him?


Words alone will not capture the essence of my awe.

Oh I will dance before my Savior,

Move to the rhythm of his love,

Spin around to the tempo of his mercy.


I will say thank you, though it doesn’t seem sufficient.

For all the days you woke me up, I acknowledge the privilege.

For the hugs and winks you give me, I feel them and it makes the journey easier.

For the beautiful conversations we have, I appreciate your intentionality.

For the joys and pains alike, I see you in every moment.

For the price you paid for me, I am the least deserving.

For the right to call you Father, I can’t imagine me without you.

Thank you for loving me, without you I am nothing.


What if GOD lives in you…

Then “Here” is “Now” everyday and always,

What would you say to HIM today?


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